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FITAT 2011 논문들 ACM Digital Library Approved 류근호

- The letter from ACM

The ISBN number assigned to FITAT 2011 is 978-1-4503-0885-4
lease refer to the following web page for the instructions for publishing the proceedings: http://www.acm.org/publications/gi-proceedings
At this time, ACM is absorbing the costs for publishing online in the Digital Library. We ask that you help us keep the costs down by following the instructions for file preparation.
If you wish to produce physical copies (print, dvd, thumb drive), for distribution to the attendees, we can recommend vendors but suggest you find a local production house to minimize your costs. The files you prepare for the Digital Library can be used by the production house. You may only print/distribute those papers whose copyright forms have been submitted and approved. The rest may not be published by ACM.
The proceedings volume is identified as being part of the International Conference Proceedings Series published by ACM, lending ACM's imprimatur to this publication.  Under such auspices, ACM permits usage of the ACM logo indicating that ACM is the publisher and the materials will be  presented under the ICPS banner. In no way are you to indicate that ACM is a Sponsor of the event. ACM's approved logo for use on websites and printed materials is attached to this email.

*Note: Use of the ACM name and/or Logo prior to acceptance of the volume into the program is not allowed
ACM uses an automated copyright form collection system for ACM published proceedings.  You must use this system. 
Accepted authors will be sent the ACM form and complete instructions.  A weekly reminder will be sent to authors with outstanding forms. Reminders will be sent every week until four weeks before the conference/workshop. 
You will be sent a weekly status report listing the authors that have missing forms and a message when all of the forms have been submitted/approved.   All of the copyright forms must be submitted/approved four weeks prior to your conference/workshop, and viable paper/front matter files submitted to ensure DL inclusion of the proceedings on the first day of the conference/workshop. 
The publication should not be distributed in any format until the copyright forms have been approved. 
To initiate the automated copyright form system, ACM will need the following information in a .csv file:
"Paper Type","Title","Lead Author;Author2;Author3;etc.","Lead Author e-mail","paper number" 
Sample record: "Full Paper","This is a Sample Title","Adrienne Griscti;Donna Cappo;John Smith","griscti@hq.acm.org","123"
Make sure to include the quotation marks within the .csv file as listed above.
Paper Type" : Please include one of the following paper types (only) for each of the submissions: Abstract



Extended Abstract

Full Paper

Invited Talk Abstract

Invited Talk Paper



Poster Paper (poster submission that is 4 or more pages) Short Paper Tutorial


"Title": Please include the paper title as it will appear in the proceedings.


"Author": Please list the lead author first, and include all contributing authors, separated by semicolons


"Lead Author email": Please provide the e-mail address for the lead author.  The lead author will be sent the copyright form and be asked to endorse the form on behalf of all contributing authors.


"yourPaperNo": Paper number assigned by conference program committee


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