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ETRI J Special Issue: IT-BT Convg by June 30, 2011 류근호

ETRI Journal Call for Papers for The Special Issue on IT-BT Convergence

With the aid of engineering and information technology, biomedical engineering has emerged as a high-tech field generating innovation in such areas as medical imaging, bioinformatics, MEMS and nanotechnology, new biomaterials, and sensors. Scientists and engineers in this field have recently been working towards advances in conducting telemedicine, performing surgeries with robots, creating a laboratory-on-a-chip, and so on.

This special edition of ETRI Journal deals with the main issues of IT-BT convergence research in hopes of making a significant contribution to the development of IT-BT convergence technology. Among the broad research topics of biomedical engineering, studies regarding biomedical devices, molecular bioengineering, biomedical imaging, healthcare technology, and topics related to IT-BT convergence technologies will be included in this issue.

We welcome submission of papers that present new technologies and techniques that can be applied to real products and thus lead to new business opportunities. We encourage the submission of papers that include the presentation of an implemented prototype which would give readers a better understanding of the new techniques and technology in relation to existing research. Papers to be submitted should be focused on, but not limited to, one of the following areas:

Biomedical Devices, Measurement, and Instrumentation

  - Biosensors and Transducers
- Data and Signal Acquisition
- Microtechnology and BioMEMS
- Noninvasive Measurement

Molecular Bioengineering

  - Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, and Nanobiology
- Bio-Nanotechnology
- Labs-on-Chips
- Molecular and Cellular Engineering
- Biochips and Bioinstrumentation
- Biomaterial and Biomolecular Engineering

Biomedical Imaging, Processing, and Signal Processing

  - Biomedical Signal Processing, Imaging and Visualization Analysis
- Biomedical Data Acquisition, Storage, Transmission and Compression Techniques
- Biomedical Image Registration, Segmentation, and Classification
- Diagnosis and Computer-Aided Detection

Healthcare Technology

  - Health Monitoring Systems and Wearable System
- Healthcare Information Systems
- Micro and Nano Sensors and Wearable Technologies
- Patient Monitoring
- Telemedicine

Submission of manuscripts for the special issue opens on May 1, 2011 and closes on June 30, 2011. Publication is scheduled for the February 2012 issue. Submissions should be completed on the ETRI Journal Internet website, http://etrij.etri.re.kr. Submission for the special issue should be of regular-paper type and prepared using the regular-paper template available on this site. Refer to our website for more details. Do not forget to choose "Special Issue: IT-BT Convergence" for the paper type when submitting.

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