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J Paper - Special issue: Mar 31, 2011 류근호

Special Issue on Behavior Computing:

Modeling, Analysis, Mining and Applications 

Knowledge and Information Systems: An International Journal 

The importance of behavioral study from the informatics perspective is gaining increasing recognition. However, behavioral sciences mainly focus on empirical  and qualitative studies of behaviors of animals and organisms. With the boom  in social networks and Internet-based activities which are significantly increasing in most modern behaviors, it is important to build formal methods and workable tools for behavior representation, processing and engineering, namely Behavior Informatics. Behavior Informatics aims at computing methodologies  and techniques for handling behavior modeling, representation, dynamics, network analysis, impact analysis, pattern analysis, management and applications.  

This special issue will report on high profile, original, state-of-the-art progress made in methodologies, techniques, systems and applications of behavior  modeling, analysis and mining. It aims to create an important opportunity to broaden current research to areas that consist of behaviors.  

Topics of Interest 

Topic areas include (but aren’t limited to)

      Behavioral data processing       Behavior impact analysis

      Behavior representation                Behavior pattern mining

      Formal methods                         Exceptional behavior

      Qualitative methods              Behavior prediction

      Quantitative methods                   Decision-making

      Behavior dynamics                Evaluation and validation

      Behavior network analysis        Behavior presentation

      Group behavior dynamics                Behavior management

      Behavior emergence               Behavior simulation       

      Trends and prospects                   Applications  

Important Dates 

Submissions due:                 31 Mar 2011

Notification of acceptance:             30 May 2011

Final version submitted:         30 Jun 2011

Article online publication:             Upon Acceptance 

Submission Guidelines 

Submissions should follow the style and presentation guidelines of the journal of Knowledge and Information Systems (KAIS) by referring to the Instructions for Authors (see http://www.editorialmanager.com/kais/). To submit a manuscript,  access KAIS online submission system, at http://www.editorialmanager.com/kais/.


Contact Guest Editors:

Longbing Cao (longbing.cao-1@uts.edu.au), Philip S Yu (psyu@cs.uic.edu), or Hiroshi Motoda (motoda@ar.sanken.osaka-u.ac.jp) Graham Williams (Graham.Williams@togaware.com). 

About Behavior Informatics 

Refer to www.behaviorinformatics.org for more information about Behavior Informatics.

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