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1987 - 1995   Execution tree for temporal database management(87-88,MOE), A main memory temporal database management prototype(89-91,KOSEF and NSF), A temporal database management system for supporting Korean language(92-95,MOI)
1996 - 2000   A spatiotemporal operator, indexing technique, and query standard (MOC)
1999 - 2002   Developing a prototype of spatiotemporal data management system with active data mining and applying genomic data , KOSEF
2000 - 2004   High dimensional indexing for data and moving objects, ETRI
2005 - 2007   A framework of awareness information processing based on In-situ sensor data, Stream data mining for sensor data, ETRI
2003 - 2007   Ubiquitous and data mining techniques for LBS (location based services), RRC in MOIR, Spatiotemporal operator, query processing, and
predicting future location of moving users for LBS, ITRC in MOIR
2007 - 2008   A situ-data aware information processing based on sensor data for situ-data environment, Stream data mining techniques for USN (ubiquitous sensor network) data, ETRI
2006 - 2013   Post Brain Project: Spatiotemporal databases and Management of USN (ubiquitous sensor network) databases, MOER
1999-2002   Developing a prototype of spatial-temporal data management system with active data mining and applying genomic data , KOSEF
2000   Building the EST database ? starting point of study on the bioinformatics, KISTI
2001   Installed similarity search system (PSI-BLAST) based on 3D up to date database, KISTI
2002   Building a gnome and protein sequence information management system, KISTI
2003   Implementing information providing system and integrating heterogeneous biological databases, KISTI
2004   A Personal Database Management Prototype for Biologist, KISTEP
2005 - 2014   Bioinformatics: Prediction of Protein Structure and Protein Function, MER