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CBW on Informatics on High-throughput Sequencing D 이모세

Dear Seniors and juniors,
This is to share with you the contents of this years' Canadian bioinformatics Workshop on Informatics on High Throughput  Sequencing Data.
  You can find the schedule by visiting this webpage(https://bioinformatics.ca/workshops/2017/informatics-high-throughput-sequencing-data-2017). As they have said in their homepage the course was intended to help Post-Doctoral Fellows, Graduate Students, Clinical Fellows and Investigators who are dealing with analyzing data from High Throughput Sequencing Platforms.

How to find the videos?
   All you need to do is , navigate to their course homepage(https://bioinformatics.ca/workshops/2017/informatics-high-throughput-sequencing-data-2017),  copy the title of the  lecture you want to attend and search it from their YouTube channel(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKbkfKk65PZyRCzUwXOJung/featured).

I hope this will help someone. Specially the newbies.

International Workshop (ICW+DBMI2017) 2017-10-02
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